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Promoting active lifestyles through collaborative
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We created a digital kiosk and web application that will help improve the social interactions and individual performance targets within the FitFirst Run Club. Our goal was to help strengthen the membership level of this running group and the satisfaction of all those who participate, whether they participate for competition, personal goals, or just to stay healthy in a social setting.



Dominic Quon
Zachary Chan
Christy Lum


Client: FitFirst Footwear
Description: Senior Academic Project
Project timeframe: 10 weeks

Role: User Research, Strategy, Visual Design, Graphic Design

I took the lead in the visual design of our final prototype and the
graphic design of weekly print deliverables.



Working with FitFirst

During this course, we were given the opportunity to select our own client and pursue a 10-week project with them. Focusing on design ethnography, we explored various research methods including design probes, participatory workshops, storyboards, and crafting personas, in order to develop a design intervention specific to the target group. 

The client we chose was FitFirst Footwear, a shoe store specializing in performance running shoes. They host running groups for runners of all experience levels through their FitFirst Running Clinic. Their running clinics run on Sunday mornings at 8:30am in the Burnaby Lake area. From May 14th to June 25th they run a free, less formal summer running group for anyone who shows up outside of their store before the run start time. We approached Evan, the store owner, and he welcomed us to participate in the weekly group runs and interview run club members for the duration of our project.


The Research

To begin the design process, we participated in the weekly group runs for two weeks, conducting user research interviews at the end of each session with three different members. From these interviews, we were able to identify three different user groups and crafted personas for each of them: (1) The Casuals, (2) The Regulars, and (3) The Experts.


In order to understand the FitFirst community, we issued design probes to select members of the club to gain insight on their motivations behind running, how they discovered FitFirst, and to understand their personal running journeys. 


The Opportunity

Everyone we interviewed spoke highly of the community that had been built around FitFirst, and were very enthusiastic about the efforts that the store owner had put in place to help empower the community and support their running goals. Since its inception four years ago, the group had grown from a mere 8 members to over 200.

Given a group so diverse that was built on a strong foundation of community, we were able to identify the following design opportunities:


Evan wants to appeal to a younger demographic, as his current demographic is mainly made up of parents spanning from middle-aged to elderly.

How might we appeal to a younger demographic to encourage healthy lifestyles? 


Some members are too busy to make it to every Sunday run, thus resulting in infrequent running schedules outside the run club.

How might we capture individual member runs outside of the weekly group runs?


Members often leave their fitness devices at home because they are either too bulky, or they forget them.

How might we create an intervention that's non-obtrusive yet works within the runner's lifestyle?


Given these insights, we asked ourselves: 

How might we present a positive, non-competitive goal tracking system to new and existing members, so that more people join and consistently engage with the FitFirst run club?



In addition to these insights, we did a competitive analysis of existing fitness apps in the market, including Nike Run Club and RunKeeper. In particular, we spent the most time looking into Strava, as this was what FitFirst used to organize group runs, routes, and distances.

However, we felt that these apps were too focused on the numerical achievements of individuals and did not put enough emphasis on cumulative team achievements and community run events. The app was also dependent on people who owned and regularly used a smart phone or smart fitness watch. 



The Solution

Taking our insights, we designed Track It: the FitFirst run club kiosk. Track It is mounted on the sales counter of FitFirst, where it actively displays the stats of the run club community. These include:

  1. Collective distance
  2. How many members are active
  3. Personal achievements
  4. Community performance
  5. Upcoming events

The kiosk acts as a conversational piece to promote the run club, especially for people who are just visiting the store for the first time. Track It would consolidate the data already collected from existing platforms used by FitFrirst, including Facebook events, Strava running routes, and Instagram. In addition, new and existing members would be given a simple GPS tracker to attach to their running shoes which can be used to record their runs. 



Illustrations by Zachary Chan

Illustrations by Zachary Chan


Simplifying the run tracking process to celebrate community achievements


Click to view prototype


The kiosk stats can also be accessed at home through a web-based application. This allows busy members to actively contribute to Track It, even if their schedules don’t align with the regular Sunday morning run.

Click to view prototype


To add progress to Track It, new and existing members are given a small GPS, which is attached to a runner so that it never gets left behind. With a simple button, the device starts recording distance covered. When a run is finished, the button can be pressed again to add progress to Track It.


By simplifying the run tracking process down to a small GPS button, Track It helps to keep the FitFirst community connected and active and showcases these qualities to curious people who enter the FitFirst store front. Members are able to stay more engaged with the group with continual motivation from the community and collective goals that will help everyone keep up a healthy lifestyle.